Do you know how to tell the difference between asthma and anaphylaxis. Code Ana knows!

Is it anaphylaxis or is it asthma?

Many children are diagnosed with both asthma and allergy. When it comes to a medical emergency, it can be hard for non-medically trained staff and family to know the difference. 

Asthma is a chronic lung condition that can result in life-threatening respiratory distress. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that comes after exposure to an allergen. 

It is important to know the differences and similarities between the two conditions to ensure that a child receives prompt, proper care. However, if you are ever unsure of which of the two it is, use epinephrine FIRST and then an inhaler. Check out the graphic on ways to differentiate quickly. 

Check out this graphic to learn differences in asthma and anaphylaxis by Code Ana

Want to know more about the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis to feel confident in recognizing it? Check out our training page! 

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