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Medical Emergencies

Food Allergy


EpiPens4Schools program that provides free epi to schools

This program, through the manufacturers of EpiPens, provides two free twin packs for K-12 schools across the US. 

AUVI-Q is an epi auto-injector that Code Ana provides training on.

AUVI-Q is an easy-to-use epinephrine auto-injector. Their website has great information about their product and allergy support. 

Map of Stock Epinephrine Laws

Advocacy Resources

Currently, state policies are prohibiting childcare centers throughout Connecticut from having life-saving stock epinephrine auto-injectors. Sign the petition to let their local officials know how many people are impacted by this issue. 


FARE (Food Allergy & Education) provides great information about food allergy and advocates for safer communities. This guide is a great place to start to become an advocate!


School Safety

Cardiac Emergencies

Trauma Emergencies