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Frequently Asked Questions

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Want to know more about Code Ana’s education before enrolling for a course? Enrolled and ran into issues? Hopefully, these frequently asked questions and their answers will help you out. 

General Questions

We offer a lot of education and always adding more! 

Typically, if you need an training about epi and anaphylaxis for work, our Online Epinephrine Training Program is the way to go. 

If you are a school nurse, administrator, or leader  looking to learn about medical emergency response planning and protocol builder, check out our Med-E Ready Program! 

Think you have a specific need or question, contact us



If you were enrolled in a course but never received a confirmation, don't fret! As our system sends so many emails, things can get sent to "spam" folders frequently. The fastest way to get access is to reset your password from the login page!

As a non-profit, we try to ensure that our education is as budget friendly when we have to charge at all. Our paid courses are typically  courses that have certifications attached to them as certifications cost money for us. These courses also allow us to keep our organization going - we think of the payment as a donation, not a payment!

Epinephrine & Anaphylaxis Education Questions

We created our Refresher course just for this situation! The certifications are good for two years as evidence-based information is constantly being updated. If you took our original program two years ago, the Refresher course is approved in all the same places and covers all the same information you need!

Currently, our course takes around 40 minutes to complete. There is lots of education - in both text and video form - for you to learn about recognizing and responding to anaphylaxis, along with focuses on venom and other parts of allergy.

We have been explicitly approved in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. 


We work with other states frequently and some have blanket approvals for epi education. If you have questions about your state, let us know!