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Prepare your child's school for any medical emergency.

School safety is always a top priority for parents, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, medical emergencies can happen anywhere, even on school campuses. That’s why Code Ana offers medical emergency response training to help make your child’s school safer. With our Med-E Ready program, staff will learn how to properly respond to a variety of medical emergencies, from minor injuries to life-threatening conditions like anaphylaxis. Additionally, the training will cover what common medical equipment and devices schools need and how to get them, such as defibrillators and stock epinephrine. By being prepared for any type of medical emergency, schools can help ensure the safety of all your child.

Parent Course Spotlight

Code Ana's Epinephrine Training Program, Parent's Edition

Learn how and when to use an epinephrine auto-injector to prepare yourself for anaphylaxis!
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Med-E Ready

Equip your school to respond to ANY medical emergency
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Epi Certification for Babysitters

Prepare your babysitter, nanny, or family members to care for your child with allergy!
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Do food allergies impact your family and friends?

Food allergies can be a scary thing for any parent. It’s hard enough to keep track of what your child is eating, but when you also have to worry about them having a reaction, it can be overwhelming. Code Ana is here to help. We offer epinephrine training for parents of children with food allergies. This training will teach you how to administer the medication in the event of a reaction, and give you the confidence you need to care for your child. With our help, you can rest assured that you are prepared to handle anything that comes your way.

Every year, there are reports of children having severe reactions to foods that they are allergic to at school. In some cases, these reactions can even be life-threatening. Code Ana is committed to helping parents keep their children safe from food allergies. We offer epinephrine training to school personnel so that they can respond quickly and effectively in the event of a reaction. We also provide information and resources on how to create a safe environment for children with food allergies. With Code Ana, you can rest assured that your child’s school is taking steps to protect them from the dangers of food allergies.

Is your family prepared for these emergencies?

Code Ana is here to guide you!

Anaphylaxis Emergencies
Anaphylaxis Emergency
Inhaler needed for an asthma emergency
Asthma Emergency
Cardiac Emergencies - Code Ana
Cardiac Emergency
Trauma Emergencies
Trauma Emergency
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