School Safety

Understanding Stock Epinephrine

While many prescribers, families, schools, and communities are aware of allergies, anaphylaxis, and that epinephrine is needed to keep those with diagnosed allergies safe, many do not know about stock epinephrine. What is stock epinephrine? Stock epinephrine is epinephrine prescribed to an entity, be a school, childcare center, restaurant, or any other entity that is …

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Prepare for anaphylaxis on any field trip or extracurricular activity with Code Ana

Prepare for Anaphylaxis On The Go

Field trips and extracurricular activities provide valuable learning experiences and opportunities for students to explore the world beyond the classroom. However, for students with allergies, these outings can present unique challenges and potential risks. As educators and caregivers, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and inclusion of all students, including those with allergies. …

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Code Ana works with schools that use these common school safety apps and technology.

Common School Safety & Emergency Response Communication Apps

School safety is a top priority for school administrators today. Physical improvements, like surveillance systems and secure entrances, help create an environment of greater security. Still, school officials are now also focusing on communication tools to address emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible. By equipping faculty, staff, and students with access to communication networks …

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