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Who is Code Ana?

Code Ana is a non-profit that creates education to make the world a safer place for any child. Through education on school safety, medical emergency response plan creation, anaphylaxis, epinephrine, and food allergy, we can prepare any school, childcare center, and other organization to be prepared for the unexpected.  Though staff and leaders are mainly based in Louisiana, Code Ana is able to offer all of this education online through their online learning portal and in-person through our train-the-trainer program. 

As we continue to grow both in size and in education portfolio, Code Ana wants to make sure that we can support any school, center, or organization on its path to medical safety. Check out more information below to learn about our history, team, FAQs, and how to get in touch with us!

We have been working with schools and centers for years and we have been asked a lot of questions! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if anyone else has asked your question before. We answer how to get access to your education, why some of our courses are priced the way they are, and other commonly asked information. 

Code Ana wants to educate anyone looking to learn about medical emergencies, school safety, anaphylaxis, epinephrine, and food allergy! We routinely publish tips and tricks about all of those topics. Along with general information, you will also find out all of our scholarly publications and advances happening every day! 

Founded in 2015, Code Ana has grown from a school nurse asking Dr. Alice Hoyt for epinephrine education for her school to offering thousands of early childcare, school, and organizational staff anaphylaxis and epinephrine education every year. Through epi trainings, the need for general medical emergency response planning and protocol making was realized so Med-E Ready was created as well! 

Code Ana was started by Dr. Alice Hoyt, a board-certified allergist, while studying at the University of Virginia. We have only grown from there! With a Board of Directors, Advisory Board, staff, partners, consultants, and collaborators, Code Ana has years of expertise to pull from. Learn more about who makes Code Ana the amazing training organization it is today! 

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