Equipping schools for medical emergencies


Your school can be ready for ANY medical emergency.

Implementing a medical emergency response plan at your school ensures the safety of your students and staff in the face of uncertainty. Join the thousands of schools that have chosen to prioritize preparedness by completing one of Code Ana's many learning opportunities.


Choose Prepared Instead of Panic

No matter your current level of medical emergency readiness, we can help.

Whether you’re a school professional or a concerned parent, we’re here to help you develop a personalized plan that prepares you to take action in a medical emergency.

Med-E Ready Program

Code Ana's Med-E Ready training was developed in collaboration with board-certified physicians, school nurses and administrators, and parents of children with complex medical needs. After participating in this free program, your team will be ready to respond to medical emergencies with an effective, practiced plan of action.

Turn Chaos Into Confidence

Med-E Ready will guide you through the steps of developing and implementing a comprehensive medical emergency response plan for your school. Learn how to recognize an emergency, design a customized response protocol for your school community, and practice your plan with trainings that fit your schedule.

Who We Help

Our comprehensive program includes curriculum for all grade levels and school types. We know that your professional development calendar fills up fast, so this training is designed to take no more than a few hours to complete initially, then gives you the tools to practice your response plan regularly.

Prepare for Allergic Reactions

Learn how you can save a life.

Develop skills to respond to medical emergencies such as administering epinephrine in the case of anaphylaxis.

Learning Opportunities

Explore all the learning opportunities we provide to prepare you and your school for a medical emergency.

Code Ana’s Online Epinephrine Training Program

Learn how and when to use an epinephrine auto-injector. Great for childcare providers who need certification!

Code Ana’s Epinephrine Training Program: Parent’s Edition

Learn how and when to use an epinephrine auto-injector. Don’t miss this special edition for parents!

Code Ana’s Epinephrine Virtual Workshop

This case-based session is led by a board-certified allergist. Great for anyone with questions about epinephrine!

Code Ana’s Med-E Ready School Program

Equip your school to respond to ANY medical emergency