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Food Allergy Education For Schools, Educators, and Nurses

As you send your child with allergy to school each day, worry can take over your mind no matter how many conversations you may have had with their teachers about how to protect against allergen exposure. While discussions can be helpful, sharing evidenced-based education with teachers, school nurses, and administrators can do even more! Check out the courses that Code Ana has for schools and share any that you think can help support your child’s school in keeping them safe. 


Around Allergy


This free course has all of the education needed to prepare your child’s school for stock epinephrine in one place! Intended for a school nurse or other leadership, this course allows schools to easily share information with the school staff and students about food allergy, anaphylaxis, and epinephrine. 


Food Allergy for Educators

Part of EpiReady, this free course was created with educators and other school staff in mind. Share this with your child’s teacher to help them understand food allergy, anaphylaxis, and even how to use common epinephrine auto-injectors. 


Food Allergy for Students

Other children should not be left out of food allergy education! This free course has age-appropriate videos for children to learn about allergy and how they can help their friends out. Especially as children get older, they may not always have direct adult supervision so empowering them with basic food allergy education will help keep your child safer. 


For School Nurses

School Nurse Workshop

To have stock epinephrine on campus, school staff will need to be trained on how to recognize and respond to anaphylaxis. This free workshop empowers school nurses with evidence-based education to do that for your child’s school. With all of the supports needed to have a successful anaphylaxis training session, school nurses can feel confident that they can trust other staff to act quickly if anaphylaxis happens. 


School Nurse Med-E Ready Course 

While this is the only paid course on this list, our school nurse Med-E Ready course offers the bonus of continuing education credits. Through this course, school nurses create an emergency response plan and team to support them during medical emergencies – including anaphylaxis – on campus. 


For School Leadership

Med-E Ready

Prepare your child’s school for any medical emergency – including anaphylaxis – through this free program. Meant for the medical leadership on campus, this program walks staff through all of the steps to create or revamp their emergency response plan along with tools for drills and other medical emergency forms. Don’t let your school be caught off guard! 

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