Check out who helps Code Ana with food allergy education, sudden cardiac arrest education, and school safety

Code Ana’s Partners and Supporters

Code Ana does a lot but it doesn’t do everything alone! Below are some of our partners and supporters that we work with frequently. This list is ever-growing so make sure to check out our resources page and for the most up-to-date information.

Allison Rose Foundation 

Based in Ohio, this non-profit provides food allergy education and so much more to their community. Founded by Michael and Becca Suhy in memory of their daughter, Ally, the Suhys are champions for food allergy education and stock epinephrine in schools, centers, restaurants, and even entire cities. Code Ana supports their trainers through education and getting stock epinephrine into the places those trainers educate! 

Project ADAM

Project ADAM is a non-profit that works to get AEDs in all schools while bringing awareness to sudden cardiac arrest and its impacts. Code Ana supports Project ADAM in Louisiana through our Sudden Cardiac Arrest Education Course along with providing medical emergency response planning through our Med-E Ready program. 

Louisiana Center for Safe Schools 

Louisiana Center for Safe Schools provides resources for schools in Louisiana on how to make their campuses safer. Through our work on medical emergency response planning, we have been able to advocate for safer schools through our programming. A safe school is a healthy school and through working with Louisiana Center for Safe Schools, we are able to help more schools get safer. 

Want to see other partners and supporters? Check out our Resources page!

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