Child going off to school where there are food allergy signs and resources from Code Ana

Free Food Allergy Resources for Parents, Classrooms, And Schools

As a parent, it can be very stressful to send your child with food allergy off to school. You are entrusting your child and school staff to keep your child safe and healthy throughout the day. One of the easy ways to help your child’s educators out is to provide them with signs & guides they can use to alert others and to be prepared in case of an allergy emergency. Code Ana has created some that you can share!

Classroom Food Allergy Sign
This classroom sign is meant to be outside the door of a classroom to alert any visitors of allergies in the classroom. There are pre-made graphics for the top nine allergens with other spaces for additional allergies to be added as well! This is an eye-catching way to help make sure allergens don’t sneak into classrooms.

Anaphylaxis Cheat Sheet

Our anaphylaxis cheat sheet is a quick way to share what anaphylaxis can look like. Through graphics, we show all of the different body symptoms that may be impacted along – skin, respiratory, circulatory, behavioral, and gastrointestinal. Through this, it also indicates when to use epinephrine if an allergic reaction moves to anaphylaxis!

Medical Note for Sub
Many allergy emergencies happen when substitutes are in classrooms. It is hard to communicate everything about a classroom to a new person and some things may not be in the typical procedures. Code Ana’s note allows the teacher to have all the medical information about your child – and others – in one place, easy to give to a substitute.

Babysitter Worksheet 
We created this worksheet to give to any babysitter for your child! This sheet goes over all of the important information they might need while providing a fun activity for your child. 

Hopefully, these resources can bring you some more peace of mind when you send your child to learn outside of the home! Share this blog with any other parent you think could benefit!

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