Code Ana knows what you need in your epi certification to be prepared for stock epinephrine

What Does Your Epi Certification Need To Be Prepared For Stock Epinephrine?

Depending on where you live, you may be required to receive training before your school, center, or organization receives stock epinephrine. While there are many different kinds of training out there, you need to make sure you receive training specifically created for stock epinephrine, not just any epinephrine certification. Before attending, requesting, or purchasing a course, make sure that the education you are about to receive includes everything you need to be prepared – either by law or by best practices.

  1. Signs & symptoms of anaphylaxis
    • There are many different signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis so a stock epi training should cover all of the possible options.
    • A quality training should cover how to know the difference between a mild allergic reaction and anaphylaxis.
  2. How to recognize anaphylaxis in someone WITH a known allergy
    • Most courses address how to recognize anaphylaxis in someone that you already know has an allergy.
  3. How to recognize anaphylaxis in someone WITHOUT a known allergy
    • Most courses do NOT address how to recognize anaphylaxis in someone that does not have a known, diagnosed allergy.
    • With just under 25% of epi used in educational settings used on someone that did not know they had an allergy, this is a VITAL part of stock epinephrine education.
  4. How to respond to anaphylaxis
    • From calling 911 to what to tell EMS, there are multiple important steps that need to be addressed during a training
  5. How to store & take care of epinephrine auto-injectors
    • Every location is different but best practices on epi storage and care do not change – make sure your training covers these. 
  6. How to use multiple kinds of epinephrine auto-injectors
    • With multiple brands and doses of auto-injectors, you need to learn how to use the correct device for your organization

This list may seem like a lot so we made this quick guide to use. Make sure you are getting the best education to make your space safer for everyone and if you haven’t already, check out Code Ana’s Epinephrine Certification Program!

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