The Teal Schoolhouse

The Teal Schoolhouse is the non-profit organization that supports in part the Code Ana Program. The Teal Schoolhouse is a 501c3 organization whose mission is to identify needs of the allergy community, then develop innovative, efficient ways to address those needs.

Board of Directors


Alice Hoyt, MD

Chairman of the Board &
Executive Director of Code Ana

Dr. Alice Hoyt is a board-certified allergist & immunologist, internist, and pediatrician. She developed the Code Ana Program in 2016 when a local school reached out for help in creating a school-wide anaphylaxis response plan. Soon thereafter, the Code Ana Program was developed and adopted by multiple local schools. The program continues to grow, so to support the Code Ana Program and like efforts, she recruited a motivated group of allergy leaders to build The Teal Schoolhouse. Her vision is for all schools to have Code Ana, optimizing safety for all students at school.


Jennifer Goertz

Co-Director of Student Leadership

Jennifer Goertz is a scientist who has a passion for families who are impacted by food allergy and their communities. Formerly Code Ana’s Community Liaison, Jennifer gracefully led Code Ana’s community communications efforts. Now dedicating time to science as she pursues her Ph.D. in neuroscience, she serves as a mentor to the next generation of Code Ana leaders.


Jesse Persily

Co-Director of Student Leadership

Jesse Persily has a passion for allergy and immunology as well as the sharing of knowledge about the recognition of and response to an allergy emergency. Formerly Code Ana’s Chief of Operations, Jesse led the Code Ana School Program in implementation at local schools. Now a medical student and participating in research at NYU’s prestigious School of Medicine, he serves as a mentor to up-and-coming Code Ana leaders.

Walter Hoyt, Jr., MD

Walter Hoyt, Jr., MD

Director of Academic Affairs

Dr. Walter Hoyt, Jr., is a board-certified pediatric cardiologist, adult-congenital cardiologist, and pediatrician, who specializes in pediatric and adult-congenital electrophysiology. Dr. Hoyt has presented his research across the country and has a special passion for helping young athletes be heart-healthy in their sports of choice. This expertise, both clinical and in research, is a tremendous asset to The Teal Schoolhouse’s mission to provide evidence-based medical information for a non-medical setting.


Pamela Lestage, MBA

Director of Family Advocacy

Pamela Lestage obtained her Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious Ourso College of Business then shared her talents working for a non-profit organization as the development manager. After starting a family, she focused her attention at home and now spends her time volunteering at her children’s schools. Since her daughter was diagnosed with peanut allergy as a young toddler, Pamela has made it her mission to learn all there is to know about food allergies in order to help promote awareness and education.

Advisory Board


Thamiris Palacios-Kibler, DO

Dr. Thamiris Palacios-Kibler is a board-certified allergist & immunologist and internist. She is an active member of professional societies and has presented her allergy research across the country. Dr. Palacios-Kibler has worked with Dr. Hoyt since the inception of Code Ana and helped secure the first grant funding to support the program. Dr. Palacios-Kibler regularly communicates with allergy colleagues across the United States and provides guidance to expert allergists who wish to participate in Code Ana.


Madison Oxford

Madison has worked with Code Ana since 2017 and most recently served as the Code Ana Program Director. She enjoys advocating on behalf of food allergy families and looks forward to continuing her work with Code Ana while in medical school.


Kelly Jackson

Kelly holds degrees in marketing, advertising, and anthropology. A leading entrepreneur in her field, she owns and operates thirty Panera Bakery Cafes across five states. She is a dedicated philanthropist for pediatric and allergy causes across the country, and her daughter has food allergy, driving Kelly’s passion for food allergy awareness.

Regional Medical Directors

We are excited to announce that Code Ana will soon be welcoming Regional Medical Directors.

Are you a physician who's passionate about working with local schools? Consider applying.



Michael Marget

Alexis Menasco, MSHCM

Alexis Menasco, MSHCM

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Megan Duggins

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