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Allergy Education for Schools & Educators

Whether schools have stock epinephrine or not, school staff should be educated on allergy, anaphylaxis, and epinephrine. How intensive that education is and what all is included can differ depending on your role at the school and your state. Check out some of Code Ana’s education for schools!


This program is a one-stop shop for any medical leader wanting to prepare their campus for stock epinephrine. EpiReady includes education for staff, students, and medical leaders. If you have a school nurse, the school nurse can use this course to support them. If you do not have a school nurse, ensure that you get the education that YOUR state requires. 

Food Allergy for Educators

To get all school staff on the same page, this 30ish-minute online education program provides a high-level view of food allergy. It touches on the importance of the education along with ways to recognize and respond to anaphylaxis. While it does go over anaphylaxis, this course does not qualify for a stock epinephrine training course. 

Epinephrine Certification Course

For schools without nurses or for those who want to feel extremely educated on anaphylaxis, this course is for you! Approved in many states, this course goes over allergy, anaphylaxis, and epinephrine so that you feel confident that you can recognize and respond to anaphylaxis when it happens on your campus. 

Food Allergy for Students

With these three videos, this course can be used by science teachers, health teachers, school nurses, and other educators to educate students on food allergy. Depending on the grade, these videos educate kiddos on ways to help their friends stay safe in school. No video is over 10 minutes with most less than 5 minutes.

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