Medical emergencies happen.


Medical emergencies are much more common than fire emergencies at schools...

So why don't most schools have practiced, medical emergency response protocols like they do for fires? Code Ana's Med-E Ready School Program provides them the tools they need to do just that.

Code Ana is equipping schools and early learning centers to be prepared for medical emergencies.

  • Is your school prepared to recognize and respond to a severe allergic reaction?
  • What about a cardiac emergency?
  • And is it just you responding? Or do you have a team?

Your school CAN BE PREPARED for medical emergencies. The Med-E Ready Snapshot is your first step.

By answering the five simple questions of the Med-E Ready Snapshot, you will have an objective, customized starting point at which to begin optimizing your school's Med-E Readiness.

What is Code Ana's Med-E Ready Program?

It's time to create a comprehensive medical emergency response plan for ANY medical emergency at your local school or early childcare center. Med-E Ready provides you with succinct, tactical steps to assessing, customizing, and implementing your school's medical response protocol.

  • Program can be completed online on your school's timeline.
  • Board-certified physicians and emergency medical services personnel are accessible to answer your questions.
  • This program is provided at ZERO COST to schools and early learning centers.

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    Code Ana is a program supported by the 501c3 non-profit organization The Teal Schoolhouse.