Medical Emergency Preparedness For Every School

Is your school really prepared for a medical emergency?

Unexpected medical events are more common than most other emergencies, and yet many schools don’t practice medical emergency response plans as often as fire or severe weather drills. Code Ana’s Med-E Ready Program gets your school READY for a MEDical Emergency.

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Identify and address your school’s unique gaps in preparedness

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Build and train an emergency response team

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Develop, implement, and practice your customized response protocol

Why Med-E Ready?

So that your school recognizes and responds QUICKLY and CALMLY to any medical emergency.

Most schools experience a medical emergency at least once a year. In addition to the possibility of accidents and injuries, millions of children have potentially life-threatening allergies or other conditions - many of which remain undiagnosed until tragedy strikes. Response time is critical during a medical emergency, and efficient safety protocols can be the difference between life and death.

  • Taking intentional steps towards preparedness instills confidence in your staff and students that they will know what to do when the unthinkable occurs.
  • Keep in mind that a successful response plan requires more than one responder, even if your school has an on-campus nurse. A team of responders with clear assigned roles is able to manage multiple tasks and control chaos during an emergency.

Med-E Ready will guide you as you assemble your team, design your response protocol, and practice it until it’s second nature.


Free To All Schools


Self-Paced Based On Your School's Scheduling Needs

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Developed In Accordance With State And Federal Recommendations

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Approved By School-Focused Healthcare Providers

5 Steps to Emergency Preparedness

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Safety Plans for Every School

We’ve designed the Med-E Ready program to be customizable to fit the needs of your school. Get started below.

Looking for Training for a Specific Medical Emergency?