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Med-E Ready: Heart Safe Schools

Prepare your school for sudden cardiac arrest and other medical emergencies.

Plan for sudden cardiac arrest. Prepare for all medical emergencies.

What is the Med-E Ready: Heart Safe Schools program?

This is the comprehensive, school-focused program that equips schools for medical emergencies including cardiac emergencies.

Whether or not your campus has a school nurse, your school must be prepared for medical emergencies before they happen. Cardiac emergencies are a race against time to provide support and care until EMS arrive.

Through Med-E Ready: Heart Safe Schools, you will go through the four steps below to be prepared if sudden cardiac arrest happens on your campus!

  1. Complete the online Med-E Ready course.
  2. Create your school's medical emergency response plan and team.
  3. Run a sudden cardiac arrest medical drill.
  4. Receive a scholarship for an AED!

This program is made available at no cost by The Teal Schoolhouse and its generous donors.

All schools should be prepared for medical emergencies. This means having the right tools available plus people who know how and when to use those tools.

Be ready.
Med-E Ready.

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    Code Ana is supported by The Teal Schoolhouse. Med-E Ready is an outreach program of Code Ana.