Your school can be Med-E Ready - ready for ANY medical emergency.

Many schools are unprepared for medical emergencies and do not have a practiced medical emergency response plan or team. Code Ana's School Program guides schools just like yours as they assess then optimize their own medical preparedness.

Upon program completion, schools have developed and implemented their own unique, practiced, medical emergency response plans, turning chaos into confidence while optimizing the safety of the entire school community.

Code Ana Response Algorithm
Code Ana Response Algorithm

Simple yet comprehensive.

Code Ana’s Med-E Ready School Program will guide your school through the development and implementation of your school's medical emergency response plan. Your school will meet 5 Milestones to become a Med-E Ready School.

Milestone 1   |   Plan for success.

Code Ana's Med-E Ready School Program is tailored to meet the needs, culture, and timing of your school. In Milestone 1, you will complete Code Ana's Preparedness Questionnaire then use your own data to set your goals for preparedness. Plan out when and how you will achieve your goals and complete all the Milestones using the Code Ana Calendar.

Milestone 2   |   Prepare all members of your school community on how to recognize a medical emergency.

Code Ana's Med-E Ready School Program teaches all members of your school community how to recognize a medical emergency and what to do next. Anaphylaxis education is included in the Program. To further customize and prepare your school, other medical emergency programming can be included during this Milestone, such as CPR and stop-the-bleed.

Milestone 3   |   Create your school's own medical emergency response plan and team.

Medical emergencies are best treated by a team of adults that has been trained in responding to medical emergencies. We walk you through how to create your team and guide your team in creating your school's unique medical emergency response team.

Milestone 4   |   Practice your plan.

Just like you practice fire drills and intruder alerts, your school's medical emergency response plan must be practiced and refined. Post-drill debriefs will improve your school's readiness!

Milestone 5   |   Maintain optimal preparedness.

Code Ana's Med-E Ready School Program recommends that your school practice drills quarterly (Milestone 4) and educates all members of the school community annually (Milestone 2). Revisit your Goals, update your Preparedness Questionnaire to set new school-tailored goals, and plan for next year (Milestone 1).

Don't wait for tragedy to strike.

Build your school's medical emergency response plan.

Prepare now.